Project structure
To achieve the identified objectives and to develop the proposed products the project has been divided into five Components (e.g workpackages). Each of them has a clearly defined strategic focus and specified results to be obtained during the 36 month of project lifetime.

Component 1: Management and co-ordination
Strategic focus: Ensuring that the whole operation is managed properly, delivers all products and results in accordance with the workplan and provides the best contribution to INTERREG IIIC programme objectives

Planned results: a) Reliable management of the whole operation including financial management, b) Close liaison with INTERREG IIIC secretariat and managing authority, c) establishment of long lasting co-operation and experience exchange among partners

Products: Management and financial report, final project report

Component 2: Environmental management and reporting
Strategic focus: Develop guidance on managing air quality in urban areas and propose a common reporting format addressing the needs of professional users and to make data comparable across sites.

Planned results: a) Raise awareness on strategies and methods to manage air quality in urban agglomerations, b) offer solutions to abate worse air quality situations and c) make environmental data comparable across European cities and regions.

Products: Guidebook on environmental management and a common reporting format for professional users;

Component 3: Public information
Strategic focus: Develop guidance on how to inform the public on the environmental situation in Cities and regions and implement the guidance in Common Operational Webpage (COW) with links to near realtime data of the five core cities and others

Planned results: a) public awareness on air quality through better public information strategies and the ability to check the local situation with places elsewhere in Europe; b) more efficient way for public authorities to comply with EU regulations on public information

Products: Guidebook on a common format for public information and its practical implementation in a Common Operational Webpage (COW)

Component 4: Transfer
Strategic focus: To define the general conditions of transferability for a modelling chain going from traffic description to air pollution. To prepare the transfer of this modelling chain to Emilia-Romagna Region and the related management capabilities.

Planned results: a) To provide practical plan for implementing an air quality Decision Support System (DSS) in Emilia-Romagna region b) To transfer to Emilia-Romagna Region the conceptual framework and knowledge on each specific component of traffic-environment chain c) To prepare a transfer guide-book

Products: Guidebook for transfer and a practical implementation plan for Emilia-Romagna Region and for future transfer to other cities and regions in Europe

Component 5: Dissemination and liaison
Strategic focus: a) disseminate the interim and final results of the operation to a wide audience of European cities and regions; b) to facilitate the liaison with the follower cities and other interested cities and regions

Planned results: a) establishment of a network for the exchange of knowledge and experience, b)awareness raising on air quality issues, c) improved products

Products: Project webpage, Project brochure and newsletters, two workshops, one final conference, EU-wide user community for exchange of knowledge and experiences






Management and Coordination

Management and Reporting

Public Information


Dissemination and Liaison

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