CITEAIR Members Area
The members’ area accessible from this webpage is set up to simplify the exchange of project documents. The efficient use the members’ area should replace the current practice to circulate email with huge files attached and can work as a central archive for relevant project documents.

The way to use this new facility is fairly simple. When you want to distribute a document (e.g. draft deliverable, working paper, presentation) you first up-load the document to the members areas. Then you write an email explaining the nature of the document, to whom it concerns, what to do with it and specify the filename and the directory. The recipients of this mail can then decide whether they need to download the document.

Members’ Area


After you enter the members’ area you can download, upload and delete files, and create new folders. Below you will find some advice on how to use the members’ area.

Please read Memebers Area Guide





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