Partners Cities: Paris

Paris is represented in the CITEAIR project by AIRPARIF, the organization which is responsible for air quality in the Ile-de-France region.

Created in 1979, AIRPARIF is the NGO mandated to monitor air quality throughout the Ile-de-France region. According to the French Air Act of 30 December, 1996, AIRPARIF’s board of directors comprises four constituent groups representing the various parties concerned with air pollution issues:

  • National government authorities.
  • Ile-de-France regional local communities.
  • Industries contributing to the emission of monitored pollutants
  • Environmental protection agencies; consumer groups; the health professions; and experts

In compliance with the French Air Act, AIRPARIF’s missions meet regulatory requirements and centre on three activities: assessment, forecasting and dissemination of information. AIRPARIF is mandated to measure air quality on a continuous basis and contribute to the assessment of the risks air pollution represents for human health and of its impact on the environment and architectural monuments. The agency is working on forecasting pollution episodes so that measures taken by the authorities, aimed at reducing emission levels and limiting personal exposure to at-risk groups, can be taken in time to be effective. AIRPARIF also develops modelling tools that can objectively evaluate the effectiveness of planned measures concerning air quality. Finally, AIRPARIF provides information to the public, to the local and national authorities, media and researchers by allowing them permanent access to all of the data produced.

Since many years, taking part in European projects is an important source of collaboration and sharing each other knowledge with organizations facing the same difficulties in monitoring and managing air pollution throughout Europe. Moreover, as part of the LIFE resolution (high spatial resolution urban pollution monitoring), ISHTAR (Integrated software for health, transport efficiency and artistic heritage recovery) and HEAVEN (Healthier Environment through the Abatement of Vehicle Emissions and Noise) European projects, AIRPARIF has been able to enhance the public information (for instance in developing an integrated modelling system displaying a “near real time” traffic description and its emissions along 20 000 km of the Ile-de-France road network within the HEAVEN project). Communication being part of its main mission, Airparif committed itself in the CITEAIR project which is a powerful tool to provide harmonized information about air pollution across Europe. It will enable the citizens to have a permanent and easy access to those information, frequently updated, both at the local and European scale, thanks to the setting up of a common web site.


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